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The Environment & Recycling

Over the last 30+ years there have been many attempts at launching initiatives to help save the environment with varying degrees of success.

As we are increasingly seeing and experiencing the adverse affects our existence is having on the Earth, it is now clear we must take these issues more seriously and make steps, however small, towards helping the environment or the future of our beautiful planet looks bleak.

At Stable House Textiles we are adopting 3 of the 6 R’s  – to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can and incentivise others to do the same.

Trading in pre-used textile products is not a new idea but it can help us recycle some of the thousands of tons of precious textile resources which are still ending up in landfill every year.

Our current collection, Denim Revival, has been inspired by my interest in denim and its long history.

Since the development of denim fabric by Levi Strauss in the 1890’s of Gold Rush America, it has been synonymous with tough and enduring products.

In recent decades denim has served to reflect the creative and sometimes rebellious nature of youth culture from successive generations, by the ways it has been incorporated into casual wear, street and catwalk fashion.

Today the use of denim is seen across all generations.

Each of our products has been thoughtfully re-designed to use the reclaimed denim as economically as possible. 

We also use as many other recycled fabrics and components as we can.

It is fascinating  to wonder at the history of each piece of denim we use, where it originated from and how far it might have travelled in its former life. It will now be given a new identity and a prolonged life.

By trading in and up-cycling your old denim products you will receive a £5.00 discount off any Denim Revival product you buy and be helping the environment in the process.

Please spread the word and help us to source as many pre-used denim products as we can.

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