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Sewing Club Welcome & Booking Session

In response to growing demand, I am launching a regular Sewing Club this year to provide the opportunity for those who want to achieve more long term goals with their sewing projects.

Whether you need help with sewing and machine skills or just the facilities and friendly, relaxed environment to do this, Sewing Club aims to meet your needs.

You will be able to enrol for short courses of up to 6 weeks, which will initially run on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for 2 hours.

  • Learn the basics you need to begin sewing and making confidently by hand and machine.
  • Learn about tools, equipment and techniques, including health and safety considerations.
  • If you have your own sewing machine and want to build confidence using it, bring it along for help and guidance which can be given if required.
  • Come along and make your own garments or household textiles such as cushions and curtains.
  • Make Do and Mend sessions will help you mend and alter textiles in response to the urgent need to prevent more textile waste going to landfill.
  • Recycling projects will help with ideas for how to reuse and recycle textiles, again in response to the need to help prevent textile waste going to landfill.

To find out more, book and come along to one of our welcome sessions by contacting Liz via the website or email links below.

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