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Covid 19

Spring News –  Covid 19 – Coronavirus

March has always been my favourite time of year – first signs of new life emerging – spring flowers, new born lambs and birds nesting. This year March has become a month we will never forget for all the wrong reasons….

In every walk of life we are suddenly having to face up to very difficult times ahead as all of us are affected by Covid 19 in unprecedented ways.

Despite the devastating impact it is already having on businesses such as mine, we are choosing to make very difficult and life changing decisions to avoid social contact wherever possible and thereby protect our loved ones, ourselves and those in our communities. 

I am therefore postponing all workshops currently booked until further notice. All deposits paid will be honoured and I will reschedule all bookings when it is safe to do so, however long it takes.

If things improve to a level where it is safe enough, I will try to schedule some smaller group workshops after Easter but along with everyone else we just have to wait and see how things develop.

In the meantime I wish you all the best and hope you can remain safe and well until we are through the worst and able to meet up again.

Liz xxx


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