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Covid 19

Spring News –  Covid 19 – Coronavirus

March has always been my favourite time of year – first signs of new life emerging – spring flowers, new born lambs and birds nesting. This year March has become a month we will never forget for all the wrong reasons….

In every walk of life we are suddenly having to face up to very difficult times ahead as all of us are affected by Covid 19 in unprecedented ways.

Despite the devastating impact it is already having on businesses such as mine, we are choosing to make very difficult and life changing decisions to avoid social contact wherever possible and thereby protect our loved ones, ourselves and those in our communities. 

I am therefore postponing all workshops currently booked until further notice. All deposits paid will be honoured and I will reschedule all bookings when it is safe to do so, however long it takes.

If things improve to a level where it is safe enough, I will try to schedule some smaller group workshops after Easter but along with everyone else we just have to wait and see how things develop.

In the meantime I wish you all the best and hope you can remain safe and well until we are through the worst and able to meet up again.

Liz xxx


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Sewing Club Welcome & Booking Session

In response to growing demand, I am launching a regular Sewing Club this year to provide the opportunity for those who want to achieve more long term goals with their sewing projects.

Whether you need help with sewing and machine skills or just the facilities and friendly, relaxed environment to do this, Sewing Club aims to meet your needs.

You will be able to enrol for short courses of up to 6 weeks, which will initially run on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for 2 hours.

  • Learn the basics you need to begin sewing and making confidently by hand and machine.
  • Learn about tools, equipment and techniques, including health and safety considerations.
  • If you have your own sewing machine and want to build confidence using it, bring it along for help and guidance which can be given if required.
  • Come along and make your own garments or household textiles such as cushions and curtains.
  • Make Do and Mend sessions will help you mend and alter textiles in response to the urgent need to prevent more textile waste going to landfill.
  • Recycling projects will help with ideas for how to reuse and recycle textiles, again in response to the need to help prevent textile waste going to landfill.

To find out more, book and come along to one of our welcome sessions by contacting Liz via the website or email links below.

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The Environment & Recycling

Over the last 30+ years there have been many attempts at launching initiatives to help save the environment with varying degrees of success.

As we are increasingly seeing and experiencing the adverse affects our existence is having on the Earth, it is now clear we must take these issues more seriously and make steps, however small, towards helping the environment or the future of our beautiful planet looks bleak.

At Stable House Textiles we are adopting 3 of the 6 R’s  – to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can and incentivise others to do the same.

Trading in pre-used textile products is not a new idea but it can help us recycle some of the thousands of tons of precious textile resources which are still ending up in landfill every year.

Our current collection, Denim Revival, has been inspired by my interest in denim and its long history.

Since the development of denim fabric by Levi Strauss in the 1890’s of Gold Rush America, it has been synonymous with tough and enduring products.

In recent decades denim has served to reflect the creative and sometimes rebellious nature of youth culture from successive generations, by the ways it has been incorporated into casual wear, street and catwalk fashion.

Today the use of denim is seen across all generations.

Each of our products has been thoughtfully re-designed to use the reclaimed denim as economically as possible. 

We also use as many other recycled fabrics and components as we can.

It is fascinating  to wonder at the history of each piece of denim we use, where it originated from and how far it might have travelled in its former life. It will now be given a new identity and a prolonged life.

By trading in and up-cycling your old denim products you will receive a £5.00 discount off any Denim Revival product you buy and be helping the environment in the process.

Please spread the word and help us to source as many pre-used denim products as we can.

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Art Appliqué Workshops


Continuing with my aim to promote and encourage recycling and all its variations I have been excited to see the outcome of the Art Appliqué workshops which have run over the past few weeks.


The results have been very pleasing and proved a really great way to use up smaller scraps of fabrics. Those on the workshops have produced creative and painterly pieces of textile art and it has really challenged their ability to interpret images through the use of fabric texture and colour.


This has been a really successful and rewarding workshop and will run again this year so look out for upcoming dates.



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Patchwork Workshops

As recycling has again become a hot topic in recent months I have revived a long time desire to help the environment by focussing on techniques and materials which help even if in just a small way. This can be achieved by saving as much waste from going to landfill as possible and so the use of scraps of leftover fabrics and adornments go a long way towards achieving this.

Patchwork is one of those techniques and it has been great to see some creative uses of materials during the patchwork cushion workshops.

More Patchwork and recycling workshops will be run over the summer and I hope to see some of you joining us.



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Felt Landscape Workshop


Atmospheric and unique felt pieces were created at the Felt Landscape Workshop, reflecting the individuality of those who attended.

Careful selection of subject, colour and embellishment resulted in very impressive work, This was especially so considering this was the first time everyone has worked with felt.




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Wool Art Workshop Project




Individually crafted and very lovable characters have been created during our Wool Art project which has been running over the last few weeks.

We have all enjoyed this creative way of using yarn to sculpt shapes and figures. Each one made is unique.


Future Wool Art Workshops will run later this year so keep a lookout for dates and if you would like to arrange a workshop for a specific date please email me to discuss.

There will also be some hand crafted Wool Art characters for sale at the Wymondham Windmill Craft Event on June 8th 2019, along with other textile craft products from The Stable House.

It would be great to see you there!



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Memory Quilts

Memory Quilt Commission









Before Christmas I took on a commission to create a ‘Memory Quilt’ for Nicole who will be off to university in September.

The quilt was a surprise for her from her family and celebrates all her amazing achievements so far, I’m sure there will be many more to come!!

Memory quilts are currently very popular as a gift to preserve memories and celebrate achievement. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and it has very much inspired me to explore further.

If you are interested in having a memory quilt made please contact me to discuss the options and for a quote.

Memory quilts are by no means a new idea!…..

A Brief History of Quilts 

As with most traditional techniques, the history of quilt making goes back a long way.

Pioneering colonists who travelled to America in the 18th & 19th centuries arrived totally unprepared for the severe cold and having very little in the way of belongings and resources, preserved scraps of fabrics from old clothing – dresses, aprons and shirts etc to use in quilts which would keep them warm through the winter months.

Through this came the unintentional evolution of a very special tradition of quilting to preserve special memories and connections to people in our lives and in particular family members. Quilts created were often made from wedding and christening garments and gifted as presents, becoming valuable family heirlooms handed down through the generations.

Similar to early quilts contemporary memory quilts preserve treasured memories of people, events, accomplishments, and places.

Memory Quilts

Perhaps one of the most well-known of all memory quilts, the Aids Memorial Quilt, combines the characteristics of traditional and modern quilt making. It memorialises individual loved ones as well as raising awareness.

Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry caused outcry in the 1990’s and 2000’s with their famous quilt creations made to record controversial memories and express extreme views.


No longer a necessity for warmth, modern quilts have many other purposes, from wall decorations to table runners to treasured artefacts.

Like their ancestors, today’s quilters use the resources and materials they have to hand. In addition to traditional fabrics, they use t-shirts, neck-ties, and photographs transferred to fabric to create quilts that are very much personalised to their contemporary owners. They are surely destined to become family heirlooms just as they have been in the past.

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Country Paths Day Care Provision

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my career began this year with the chance introduction through a friend to Sally Radford, director of Country Paths Day Care Provision.

The group are based in Great Dalby and Sally arranges a whole host of enjoyable and inclusive activities both at their base in the village and externally, to help stimulate and educate clients with a range of learning difficulties and/or dementure .

Thanks to that introduction I now work weekly with small groups, guiding them through different textile and art projects.

Every one of the people I work with are a delight to know and it has been such a pleasure. I look forward to every session as each individual brings something different which challenges my ability to come up with projects which stimulate while are at the same time, achievable.

Everyone without exception, has created individual,  beautiful pieces of work and I have been so impressed with what they have achieved.

I am looking forward to continuing our work together into the future.

Thank you all!

If you know of anyone in need of stimulating, caring day care provision please contact me and I will put you in touch with Sally.